What types of ramekins to choose

Do you need ramekins to serve you in making your culinary specialties? Do you know that this accessory exists in various varieties according to the needs of each one? Ideal to accompany you in the realization of your different types of soufflés, the ramekins present themselves today as being accessories of first necessity in the kitchen. More details on this equipment in this article.

The classic 16 cl French soufflé mold: ideal for traditional cooking

If you are a fan of traditional cooking, you should know that the 16 cl classic French soufflé mold is ideal for you. This type of Ramekin has many advantages when it comes to making different culinary specialties. Made of Revol porcelain, this type of ramekin allows you to make your sweet or savoury soufflés without any difficulty. Moreover, it gives you the possibility of serving directly at the table during the preparation. Offering an entirely natural kitchen, the classic French soufflé mold presents no risk of odor or grease absorption. It allows you to create a beautiful traditional atmosphere through the making of soufflés to share. Available for only 16 euros.

The 35 cl lion's head tureen: the best equipment for traditional French cooking

If you want to treat yourself with meat French dishes, opt for the use of a 35 cl lion head tureen. This important equipment is favorable for making onion soup, soup or even for cooking your delicious clams. Made of top quality Revol porcelain, it gives your dishes a traditional and very authentic look. While keeping them at normal temperature, it offers you the possibility to enjoy your hot dish for your pleasure and that of your guests. You can get this marvel for a budget of 17 euros. You can also present your food in different ways. It is a ramekin that is suitable for fruit salads, salad or even mousses. You can thus create a perfect harmony on your table with this outstanding plate.