What to know about Amazon and its services

The ease of access to the Internet has favored several business sectors. Thus, the marketing of products and different items is no longer limited to physical markets, but now extends online. So find out what Amazon is all about and some of its products.

The Amazon Company Overview

The Amazon company is an e-commerce company that is expanding all over the world, thanks to its multiple services. After its few difficulties during its first years of services that made the amazon stock fall, the company has since experienced a considerable growth. This is due to Amazon's innovation in the field of e-commerce on the one hand. On the other hand, this success comes from Amazon Marketplace partnerships, the digitization of its items, and also the simplification of shopping on the platform. Thus, due to its multiple development efforts, Amazon is now part of the << Big Five >> technology with an estimated value of 1700 billion dollars. Also, with the intention of increasing its service areas, Amazon has partnered with several other companies. However, there are several factors that influence the normal course of the online retail giant's business.

What to do on Amazon and what are its limitations ?

Jeff Bezos's company is growing day by day, making more interested people around the world. It then appeals to both merchants and investors. Especially, Amazon is known for selling electronic and computer products (computers, game consoles, cameras, cell phones and etc.), beauty products, cultural goods (books, video games, CDs, DVDs, etc.), furniture, clothes and other products. That said, its range of offerings is expanding over time. Furthermore, one of the most sought-after stocks for investors is Amazon. Yet, the company is experiencing some problems related to patent infringement, which may cast doubt on its shareholders. In addition, Amazon also has concerns about collecting taxes on the goods it sells. Besides that, several competitors are trying to join the market.