What is the importance of a handpan ?

The handpan is a musical instrument from Switzerland. It was invented precisely in the year 2000 and remains little known until now. However, it is useful and has many advantages, especially because of the quality of its sounds. Find out in this article, the essential to know about this type of instrument.

What is the handpan ?

The handpan is part of the musical instruments. It is really recent and is still classified as an idiophone. This instrument is comparable to two fused shells made of steel. It is played in a simple way with fingers, just by hitting the steel with the hand. Recently, many people have become interested in this new instrument. It is available all over the world and you can find a handpan in Finland to start playing. You will find all the well described aspects of this exceptional instrument on the internet.

What is special about this instrument ?

Whether you are a music supporter or not, the handpan is the ideal must-have instrument. The first adorable advantage of a handpan is the exceptional sound quality. Indeed, this instrument really produces a wide variety of sounds. You just have to let your imagination speak and you will have in return, a melody at the same time intimate, bewitching and subtle. Its sound universe is not exhaustible. Unlike classical instruments, the handpan does not require any music theory lessons. It is intuitive. 

In short, you won't need to learn music theory and score. This advantage allows you to play in a spontaneous way whatever comes to your heart. Moreover, it makes it easier to learn. This instrument is ideal for relaxation or even meditation. Finally, although the handpan is known, many people do not use it. Its manufacture is until now handmade. Few people really master its manufacture. Therefore, each handpan is a unique handmade masterpiece.