What are the best software programs for designing a chatbot ?

Among the many computer programs that aim to make everyday life less stressful, there is the chatbot. It is a virtual robot that helps you with your communication and customer management policy. If you don't want to spend too much money on your own chatbot, create it yourself. Find in this article some tools that will help you to make it successful.

Create your chatbot with Botsify

To be able to design a chatbot, you need a tool. You can do this with the Botsify software. For more information, see this site. Indeed, this software allows you to create or modify a robot in a simple and easy way. So, without even having any coding or programming skills, you can easily design your own chatbot. However, it should be noted that chatbots designed with Botsify can only be used on Facebook and Messenger. Also, this software is free.

Creating a chatbot with Motion.ai

If you want to go faster, choose Motion.ai. Indeed, it is a platform where you will have pre-registered chatbots. All you have to do is customise it by inserting questions and possible answers. A chatbot created with Motion.ai can handle about 1,000 messages per month. Only the premium version allows more.


Another tool for creating a chatbot is chatfuel. The particularity of this software lies in its functions. Indeed, it allows you to create and edit texts as you wish. You can also add any type of media for more visibility. The chatbot created with chatfuel can only be used on Facebook and Telegram.

Flow XO

Flow XO is a software that makes it possible to design chatbots with information from surveys. It is available in free and paid versions. Usable on several platforms, the bot from the free version of Flow XO can support up to 500 users. To exceed this number, you must pay $19 per month for the premium version.