Tips for improving behaviour

The expression "every man for himself" is de rigueur in today's society. This is partly due to the economic gloom in the world. But it is important to get back to basic values. It is therefore necessary to improve this behaviour. Read here for some tips that will help you connect with others.

Listen more to others

Improving one's ability to listen is a big step towards changing behaviour. For lack of listening can never strengthen a relationship. On the contrary, it weakens the bonds. Listening here is not about hearing the voice of the other person. It is about listening positively. You can use this useful reference to learn more. Indeed, positive listening allows you to be interested in the other person, not to be reticent towards them. At the same time you learn to keep quiet. Give more priority to listening than to expressing yourself often.

Be sincere

Being sincere feeds you your person. You don't have to tell all the truths. Just like a romantic relationship, in your other relationships with those around you, you need to be able to keep some truths. You don't have to tell them everything. Sincerity is that asset that also brings you closer to others. When you tell a truth in order to feel like yourself, it can usually put others in a bad mood. Sincerity has everything to make life easier for you and those around you. It helps you to have more confidence in yourself and others.

Practicing tolerance

Practicing tolerance is a great asset to changing your behaviour. It is fine to stand up for what you believe in. It is a normal reaction. But, also be aware that it can blind you sometimes to see things the way others do, welcome to intolerance. The best way to defend your convictions is to do so cordially and firmly without rejecting the opinions of others. Your spirit of tolerance, you must not let go for a second. It is one of your powerful weapons for strengthening your ties with your community.