Notaries: how to successfully choose a notary?

The notary is a liberal profession which requires a lot of requirements. This is not very restrictive because the function is very busy and intervenes in rather delicate areas of life. A notary can intervene in real estate, in the management of family crises, etc. Given the sensitivity of the topics discussed, it is important that we ensure the best choice. How to choose your notary? What are the selection criteria?

What are the criteria for choosing a notary?

Before discussing the selection criteria, let's take a look at the areas of intervention of a notary. There are indeed several areas in which a notary can intervene. He acts as a public officer and deals with deeds and contracts. A notary can intervene in the field of real estate, land, housing, in entrepreneurship and especially in the family domain for the management of deeds, the registration of wills, etc. Although there are several areas in which a notary can intervene, there are also specialties.

By now approaching the criteria which should help you to identify the best profile of notary for the management of your day-to-day affairs, we are going to emphasize two fundamental points. It is about competence and pedagogy.

Competence and availability

Competence is a very important element in choosing your notary. You need to identify a competent officer who can effectively handle your problem. It must meet your needs and must be able to provide you with appropriate solutions to your situation.

Pedagogy and clarity

The notary must be able to give you precise information about your file without going too far. It should be succinct; in other words, he must be an educator who provides accurate and relevant information on the progress of your case. Another aspect is transparency in the conduct of the case.