Nausea: origin and manifestation

Having nausea does not mean that you are sick or have an illness. It just expresses an uneasy state of mind. This state of mind can be linked to ill-being or to the consumption of a food that is rejected by the body. What is nausea? How does it manifest itself? What are its origins? Find the answer to these concerns in our article.

Nausea: definition, origin and manifestation

Nausea, also called retching, is discomfort that originates in the stomach and is felt in the back of the throat. It expresses a desire to vomit and is accompanied by weakening of the driving force of the stomach and small intestine. When you have nausea, it does not mean sick. But, it expresses a state of resentment due to the rejection of a food, of taking medication for example in the stomach. And this is felt directly in your esophagus.

The causes of nausea are many and varied. They can be from food sources or can be caused by disease. Non-food sources usually come into play when traveling. In a vehicle or on a train, you may experience nausea as a result of the turbulence. This is called travel sickness and it results in meningitis, migraines, etc. . As for food sources, you may feel nauseous as a result of taking medication in an empty stomach, indigestion, or consuming a large amount of alcohol.

Are there any remedies for nausea?

Nausea is not an illness. It expresses a state of being and for that, there are several remedies to treat it . For example, with your lemon juice you can calm nausea. Indeed, lemon juice is an acid very applied to treat nausea. Its acidity is u n   stimulating enzymes that soothe the discomfort of nausea. You also have the possibility to apply mint, to fight against nausea.



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