Legal notice: how to write it?


The publication of a notice in a newspaper of legal advertisements does not happen overnight. It is a process which runs in time and requires certain formalities, including the declaration to the Registry of the Commercial Court. You must master this formalism as an advertiser so as not to run the risk of penalty or rejection of your file for lack of documents when you want to constitute a file. In this article, we offer you some tips to better write your ad.

What should a legal notice contain

You are an advertiser and you will wish to file an administrative formalities file with the Registry of the Commercial Court. Note that it is necessary that you attach to your constituent documents a certificate of publication of a notice in a newspaper of legal announcements (JAL) for the validation of your file. However, for the document to be accepted by the registry, it must meet all the requirements of the law, starting with its content.

What are the data to include when setting up your business

When setting up your company, you need to gather a certain amount of legal information. This information will allow you to build up the legal notice file later . This is from when to indicate, for the company concerned, the date of signature of its statutes, its name and its acronym, its legal form, the amount of share capital, the address of its headquarters, a summary of The corporate purpose, its duration, the name, first name and address of the directors and any statutory auditors as well as the Trade and Companies Register (RCS) which will proceed to its registration.

Other elements must, in certain circumstances, be added to the advertisement. This is particularly the case in the presence of contributions in kind, variable capital, partners indefinitely bound by social debts or even conditions of access to meetings and exercise of voting rights in joint-stock companies or companies. approval clauses for SCIs, SAS and SA among others.