How to install a mirror in a bathroom

The mirror remains and always remains a necessary element in a bathroom room. In addition , it is essential for styling, shaving, makeup, even for dressing and also contributes to the wall decoration. Sometimes, the budget does not allow you to call an expert as soon as you want to replace or install this element. To learn more about how to install a mirror in a bathroom, let's go through this article.

Prepare your bathroom

First of all, make sure that you have all the necessary elements at your level to install your mirror. This starts with the choice of mirror. If you need information on this, keep reading this article . But don't forget that mirrors come in many shapes and sizes. For this, take into account your preference and the decor of your bathroom. Apart from that, you need to choose the types of fixtures you want. If it is the mounting bracket you want or the adhesive bracket, mounting rail or wall hook, you have to choose according to your taste. Also think about the location.

Holding the wall brackets in place

Installing a mirror starts with securing the wall brackets. That is, without securing the wall brackets, you cannot install your mirror. However, if it is for example a simple mirror, you need to use your materials to mark the holes for the brackets on the wall. If your wall is tiled, punch the hole at the tile line. The mirror should be placed properly, meaning it should be centered.

Put the mirror on its supports

In the previous step, the focus is on how to drill the holes to properly attach the brackets. At this level, it is the actual fixing, that is, the attachment of the mirror . So how does it work? You have to fix your mirror on the brackets that you will have fixed on the wall. If the support has been well positioned, the mirror can be placed without difficulty. If not, you should refer to the installation manual.