How many eggs does a bodybuilder consume per day?

In order to achieve successful and correct mass gain goals in bodybuilding, you not only have to work hard in the gym, but also have a good diet. Eggs are very rich food recommended in bodybuilding diets. How many eggs do you need to consume to have enough energy intake for mass gain?

Energy contribution of eggs for the body

Eggs are particularly known for their high percentage of vitamin B. For more information on eating eggs, click here: click here. It is a great dietary supplement that boosts the health of those who consume it. For a bodybuilder, many studies have proven that it is food that increases muscle mass. Indeed, it is rich in proteins that participate in muscle regeneration. In addition, eggs are rich in fats. These are elements that help the body to recover quickly after an important expenditure of energy. As for the quantity of eggs to consume per day, the caloric intake per egg is 6000 calories. While, a single egg has a nutritional value of 188 calories. To achieve a successful mass gain goal, a bodybuilder must consume at least 15 eggs per day. However, let's remember that such a consumption of protein must be accompanied by a medical monitoring.

How to consume eggs to achieve your muscle building goals

It has been stated that you need to reach a daily consumption of 15 eggs to achieve your mass gain goals. However, it is not a matter of consuming just any type of eggs at any time. A very precise organization must frame this consumption. 

Firstly, in order for the eggs you consume to be effective in a mass gain objective, they must be taken just after a training session. 

Secondly, the most recommended types of eggs are chicken, quail, and goose. In addition, avoid eating them raw to facilitate digestion and also to avoid contracting a salmonella infection. The best way to eat them is to cook them in a dish or in the form of an omelette.