How do you keep your children hygienic on a daily basis?

Children love to explore nature, play and learn. And in all these processes that children are constantly going through, we have to take care of their personal hygiene. Here are some simple principles to ensure perfect body hygiene for your children.

Regular bathing or showering

Bathing your children is very important to keep them healthy. Help your children to acquire the notion of cleanliness very early. But above all, help them to understand its usefulness, which you can to find out here now. Moreover, it is also a way for them to have fun and relax properly. So know how to brighten it up by using toys for example. This will help them to adapt better.

The toilet and the change of underwear

Before grooming your child, it is necessary to make sure that your child is comfortable. It is recommended that you provide adapted equipment. Then, start the washing with massages to relax the child if he is hypersensitive. Also, make this time a ritual to tell stories or personalized rhymes.
Encourage your children's independence when it comes to changing clothes or underwear. Let them choose their own underwear and ask them to help you with the laundry. Please explain to them the benefit of smelling good in clean clothes. To do this, they need to know the difference between a good smell and a bad smell with your help of course!


Have your children wash their hands regularly, as they often put their hands in their mouths. Teach them how and when to wash their hands. Generally, this should be done before and after meals; play sessions in the sand or whatever. Explain to children what a germ is and how it is harmful to health. You can do this through a game.
Your children's fingernails should also be free of germs. So trim them regularly so they don't become a haven for bacteria. If the child finds this unpleasant, then do it to music. Sing for him to create a happy association with nail hygiene!