Safe Medications During Pregnancy

Medicines You Can Take while Pregnant

You must carefully read info about possible risks when taking drugs while pregnancy. There are a lot of adverse effects (including autism of the newborn).

This site will help you to choose the right medication and safe dosage to avoid side effects. Indications are depending on the pregnancy trimester: first, second or third.

Pregnancy is an amazing period for every woman. During pregnancy, a woman should have the best of everything and it is important to fill the life with positive moments. Some questions can bother a pregnant woman and sometimes women don’t want to contact the doctor very often.  Most women are interested in their health and the health of the baby during their pregnancy. They have many questions about their period, the prognosis of their pregnancy and the stage of the child’s development in each week of the pregnancy.

Nowadays, there are a lot of resources, from which a pregnant woman can find out all the information she is interested in. They represent a lot of information about pregnancy and how the baby should be developed day after day. There are lots of applications for pregnant women for iPhone and iPad, as well as for all Android devices, which guide you through your pregnancy day after day and week after week. You will have a possibility to receive a personalized content, which is based on the due date. This content will include the latest news about the parents and the information about their health, as well as the access to the community of other parents and future mothers. You will receive necessary support that will help you to prepare and have control over your pregnancy step by step. You will receive useful advice and recommendations in order to make your pregnancy successful. Even after you baby is born, you will have the opportunity to use the application in order to get answers to your questions and to share information and communicate with other parents.

You can download a personalized daily tracker that will show your week and day of the pregnancy. The tracker determines the development of your child day by day and even has information about the weight of the child. In the tracker, there is a function to countdown to your due date.

Using this application you can communicate with other pregnant women and women, who have already given birth to their children. You can get the necessary emotional support, which is so important for pregnant women. All tips you get are given by experienced professionals. You can learn a variety of interesting facts and stories from real parents, as well as share your experiences and ask questions in the community.

The pregnancy tracker will help you to understand the process, how your body changes day after day during your pregnancy and how your future baby grows and develops.

If you do not like reading and prefer getting more visual information, then you can watch the video tutorials about pregnancy, which are given in the tracker. You can watch them in your free time and learn a lot of new information about the organism of a pregnant woman. You can learn how to eat properly during the pregnancy, so that your child could receive all necessary vitamins. It is also possible to learn, what exercises are beneficial for pregnant women and what exercises you should avoid.

Using the pregnancy tracker you will be able to communicate with other mothers, share photos, give each other advice and recommendations, organize meetings with each other and make new friends. Moreover, everything happens in real time.

If you use the tracker you can find the right group appropriate for you, which can be based on your due date month, your location, your health conditions, personal interests, parenting style, etc. So you will have a possibility to communicate with people, who have much in common with you.