Safe Medications During Pregnancy

Medicines You Can Take while Pregnant

You must carefully read info about possible risks when taking drugs while pregnancy. There are a lot of adverse effects (including autism of the newborn).

This site will help you to choose the right medication and safe dosage to avoid side effects. Indications are depending on the pregnancy trimester: first, second or third.

Usually a woman may find out about her pregnancy by analyzing the symptoms, she is experiences. The symptoms may be different and the majority of them are alike with the symptoms of many diseases, as pregnancy is usually not characterized with any unique symptoms and conditions.

Many women use pregnancy tests to determine if they are pregnant or not. Doing a pregnancy test is a simple and accurate way to find out if you are pregnant. Pregnancy tests are available to almost every woman because of their reasonable price. A pregnancy test can be purchased at the majority of pharmacies. Even some grocery stores and supermarkets sell pregnancy tests.

If you use a pregnancy test in the right way, then the degree of its accuracy will be high. Usually, if you buy pregnancy tests at a pharmacy, then its effectiveness is up to 100%. Some pregnancy tests have the same level of accuracy as the tests that you have in the office of the doctor.

Pregnancy tests work by analyzing your urine for the hormone HCG. If you are pregnant, your body produces this hormone in high amounts. The hormone HCG is released, when the fertilized egg is attached to the lining of your uterus and your pregnancy begins. If you have a positive test result, then you will understand that you are pregnant.

Your pregnancy test will be less accurate if it has already expired, or if you use it incorrectly. It is recommended always to check the expiration date of the pregnancy test package. You should read the instructions for use, which usually come with the pregnancy test. Read the instructions before using it.

You can do a pregnancy test after your menstrual period is delayed. At this time, such tests work more effectively. You should do a pregnancy test as soon as possible, if you noticed, that your typical menstrual period is missed. The sooner you find out that you are pregnant, the sooner you can begin to do everything that is necessary to stay healthy and to save your future child’s health.

There are some pregnancy tests that show a result in a few days before the missed period. The results of such tests are usually less accurate.

Some pregnancy tests may find pregnancy hormones in your urine 10 days after the sexual intercourse, but such results will not be very reliable, and there may be a probability of a false positive or a false negative result of your pregnancy test.

As for the place, where you can buy a pregnancy test, then you can buy a pregnancy test at any pharmacy, store or supermarket. Pregnancy tests are usually not expensive and their price usually comes to $1. Some medical centers have the opportunity to provide a woman with a free pregnancy test. Also, sometimes you can get a pregnancy test from your doctor. Most clinics use the same pregnancy tests that you can buy at the pharmacy. They can also use a blood test to determine pregnancy, when it is necessary.

It is important, that you should be careful when looking for a good medical center. You may face fake clinics called Crisis Pregnancy Centers, that can give you free pregnancy tests, but they are run by people who are not medical specialists. Your nearest Planned Parenthood Medical Center can help you to find a safe place to do a pregnancy test.

In the case, if, after doing the pregnancy test, you see that your test is positive, then it means that you are pregnant. A negative result says that you are not pregnant. If you doubt the correctness of this result, then you can take another pregnancy test.