Safe Medications During Pregnancy

Medicines You Can Take while Pregnant

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You must carefully read info about possible risks when taking drugs while pregnancy. There are a lot of adverse effects (including autism of the newborn).

This site will help you to choose the right medication and safe dosage to avoid side effects. Indications are depending on the pregnancy trimester: first, second or third.

Generic Lexapro (escitalopram) is an antidepressant related to a category of drugs called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs).

It is used for the treatment of anxiety and depressive disorders among adults and adolescents (over 12 years old).


Lexapro Generic is not prescribed until the patient is constantly depressed, and observes other symptoms, like a change in appetite, excitement, suicide thoughts, guilt feelings, high fatigue. During pregnancy, Lexapro can lead to major complications and birth defects.

Taking Generic Lexapro may cause the risks of the occurrence of the following side effects: diarrhea, nausea, drowsiness, constipation, dizziness, increased sweating, , heartburn, stomach-ache, fatigue, dry mouth, influenza-like symptoms, increased appetite, runny nose, sneezing.

Some very serious side effects are: unusual excitement, seeing things or hearing voices that do not exist(hallucinations), fever, sweating, confusion, fast or irregular heartbeat, and stiffness of the heavy muscle.

The influence of the drug during the first trimester of pregnancy is still not studied completely. However, it is considered to be not very safe for the fetus. During pregnancy, it is recommended to avoid taking the drugs of the category of SSRI drugs, because there is the risk of the development of Infantile Persistent Pulmonary Hypertension (IPPH).

If a pregnant woman was taking the drug Lexapro Generic, the elements of it are found in the breast milk and the newborn children may be directly affected. The babies begin to lose weight, lose their appetite and become very sleepy. But some babies may not have any of these effects at all. If you observe such symptoms in a child, it is recommended to stop breastfeeding and choose the artificial feeding for your child to avoid any defects.

generic lexapro
generic lexapro
from $1.53 per pill