Safe Medications During Pregnancy

Medicines You Can Take while Pregnant

You must carefully read info about possible risks when taking drugs while pregnancy. There are a lot of adverse effects (including autism of the newborn).

This site will help you to choose the right medication and safe dosage to avoid side effects. Indications are depending on the pregnancy trimester: first, second or third.

Lamictal (lamotrigine) belongs to the category of drugs, indicated for the treatment of epilepsy.

The study of the drug Lamictal made it possible to note the pregnancy results of about 2000 women who received lamotrigine as monotherapy during the first trimester of pregnancy. Despite the fact that the results do not confirm a general increase in the risks of the occurrence of birth defects, there were several notes about an increased risk of the defects in the development of the oral cavity among babies. But the increased risk wasn’t confirmed during the analyses of the study.


As other the majority of drugs, lamotrigine should be prescribed during pregnancy only if the expected result exceeds the potential risks and when it is safe for a patient. Physiological changes that develop during pregnancy can affect the lamotrigine level and its therapeutic effect. The appointment of lamotrigine to pregnant women should be provided with a total and constant monitoring of the patient’s health.

Lamotrigine has a slight inhibitory effect on the reductase of dihydrofolic acid and theoretically can lead to an increased risk of embryo-fetal developmental disorders due to a decrease in the level of folic acid.

It is recommended to prescribe folic acid during the planning of pregnancy and in the first and second trimesters.


Lamotrigine gets into the breast milk. It may cause some risks for the child. The total level of lamotrigine in infants can be about 50% of the level noted in the mother’s body. In some babies who are breast-fed, the serum concentrations of lamotrigine may reach the levels, at which pharmacological effects are occurred.

It is necessary to correlate the potential benefits of breastfeeding and the possible risk of side effects among the infant.