Safe Medications During Pregnancy

Medicines You Can Take while Pregnant

You must carefully read info about possible risks when taking drugs while pregnancy. There are a lot of adverse effects (including autism of the newborn).

This site will help you to choose the right medication and safe dosage to avoid side effects. Indications are depending on the pregnancy trimester: first, second or third.

Nowadays, many applications are being created for pregnant women to help them to control their pregnancy. But in the abundance of various applications, it is difficult to choose the one, which suits you best. The applications for pregnant women are available for iPhone and Android devices, and it is very easy to use them.

The monitoring of the most widely used applications for expectant mothers, which are very easy to use, was carried out. Below there is a list of the most famous applications, which have a great number of positive reviews.

1. Baby Bump by Northside Hospital

This app includes a daily to-do list, educational portal for future mothers, information, which is given by the hospital. The application will help you to track the pregnancy and control it. You will always know the information about the development of your baby in each week of your pregnancy. The application Baby Bump will help you to be prepared for the childbirth and get experts’ advice about your pregnancy.

2. Ovia

The application Ovia has many functions, including the function of tracking pregnancy and monitoring the child development, as well as immediate responses to critical health warnings. Using the app Ovia you can track your pregnancy up to your due date, as well as find out all the information about the stage of growth and the development of your baby. You will be able to receive necessary information about your health and your body, including your weight, sleep and nutrition.

3. Glow Nurture

The Glow Nurture application will provide you with complete control over your pregnancy. You can keep a journal of your pregnancy. This application is easy to use and all the functions of the application are very clear and practical. You will fully control your pregnancy and receive answers to all your questions about your pregnancy, your health and the health of your future baby. In addition, using this application, you will be able to communicate with other future mothers and share with them experiences and tips in the chat rooms, which are available in the app.

4. Baby Names (by the Honest Company)

The application Baby Names has a useful name search function, as well as a survey of the opinions about the most favorite names. A voting function is also included, so you can capture the opinions of other people. It is possible to get anonymous opinions about your favorite baby names. You also can share your opinion anonymously.

5. Baby Tracker

The application Baby Tracker includes a health journal, which helps to control the child’s development. There is also the access to other users and the possibility of communication with other people. This application is ideal for the parents, who need to keep track of feeding time and baby’s sleep, because you can synchronize them with multiple users.

6. Sprout

The Sprout app includes many simple and useful functions, including tracking the pregnancy, controlling the development of the child, and organizing the pregnancy. You can look into the amazing world, where your child is growing and developing. The application is equipped with the function of animation and you can see what your child should be at each stage of the development.

7. Mind the Bump

The Mind the Bump application provides you with a countdown to the date of birth and a pregnancy tracker. This application is very easy to use. It is an ideal app for the mothers, who prefer having meditations. You will be able to have meditations and be calm in your pregnancy.